Monthly Archive: November 2016

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 20 – Stream of Nonsense #4 – A Really Good Episode

In this sterling episode, the boys discuss… really good topics. Oh my, the topics they discuss. Yes indeedy. It’s not like I forgot what we talked about and couldn’t be arsed listening back to find out, oh heavens no. I just wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. So join us won’t you, as we discuss many a thing. You’ll be amazed at the variety of things we talk about. We make sounds out of our mouths using our tongues, teeth and vocal cords to produce audible noises that you can listen to with your ears. It’s truly magical stuff, folks. Just like the Game/Life Balance Australia theme, which was produced by the talented and lovely Me and My Shadow. God, at least I didn’t forget that part.

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 19 – Breasts always come in pairs

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get your rear in gear because this week our featured game is the one and only Daytona USA! The boys take us on a trip to the arcade to discuss this hallowed classic, but does it hold up today? Why does AC keep singing the theme music? And is Rob’s dislike for racing games a symptom of his rejection of the traditional male gender role? Or does he just suck at driving cars? All these questions and more are answered in this episode – except for the AC singing one, there’s no explanation for that at all. Also in this episode, AC is afraid of forgetting what boobs look like, Rob took a week off work and got handy around the house (a terrifying concept), the Baileys spend $3000 on a whim, TV size comparisons, AC gets symphonic in the night, and finally we share some rather sad news for the Yoshimura family. But don’t worry because we also have a quiz about racing games, plus a really really fun segment where we literally just play an N-Gage for 15 minutes. It’s literally the worst idea we’ve ever had. So enjoy that I guess??

The awesome new Game/Life Balance Australia theme is by Kansas City electronic rock group Me and My Shadow. Check out their stuff at