Monthly Archive: August 2017

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 39 – The Dark Legacy of the Frog King

Well holy crap it’s another episode of this thing. This week the lads discuss Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2. That’s right, Ian made a sequel. God damn it Ian. Why did you have to do that? Actually it’s pretty alright, but to find out all the details you’ll have to listen to this podcast because if I describe it here then our show is just plain redundant. Also in this frigging marvelous episode: Rob finally got his chicken dinner, and AC has shifted from Splatoon 2 to Sonic Mania. Plus we have a quiz of some description. I’m sure it was a really good quiz. Really, really good. Also some jokes happened.

Our music were done by a musical peoples called the Me and My Shadow. They do a music and are just delightful. They have a weebsite called

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 38 – Mafia Pope

Another two weeks of our miserable lives have passed so it’s time to celebrate our impending demise with another hilariously tragic (or tragically hilarious?) episode of your least favourite podcast! This week our featured game is the fast-paced arcade remix, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. We discuss the game’s pros and cons, as well as revealing for the first time ever the dark backstory of the eponymous Mr Pacman. Also in this riotous episode, Rob has yet to taste that sweet sweet chicken dinner, while AC is still knee deep in squid ink – yuck! Plus there’s the usual quiz and other malarkey. Huzzah!

Our musical musics were made by two young boys who are downright legends, the lovely Me and My Shadow from the US of A. Check out all their other shizz at