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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 52 – The Dinosaur Museum

AC is back in Australia once more to look Rob directly in the eye and talk all about Galaga, our featured game for this episode and a certified stone-cold classic from the golden age of arcade games! We also discuss our jobs (vaguely), the PS2 cult hit Gungrave, that gun-cross guy from Trigun, AC’s humble loot haul from his recent trip to Japan, and Rob’s recent trip to the Dinosaur Museum. And our quiz for this episode will teach you all about 80s arcade games and the Reagan administration that oversaw that bygone age. Why did we do a quiz about an American president when we’re Australian? Well, it’s probably because Australian politics is really, really, really boring. Like, REALLY boring.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 51 – Mister Accuser of Loser-ness

Live from Japan, it’s a podcast with bad audio quality! YAYYYY! Seriously though guys, the audio is really bad on this one. We have a pretty good excuse, because host of the show Andrew “AC” Yoshimura had to drop everything and go to Japan due to the passing of his mother-in-law (RIP) and thoughtlessly forgot to take his podcasting gear with him. So AC recorded his part using his phone, while Rob recorded from his computer, which is situated in a room with extremely bad acoustics. In other words, the audio quality is effed up the A but hey, you should consider yourself lucky you got a podcast at all you spoiled brats. We went to a lot of effort to make this okay? So you can just shut up and eat your damn vegetables!

Our featured game this week is a quirky choice, Asterix for the Master System. The lads discuss the merits of the game and reminisce on how Asterix comic books first brought them together as friends back in 1987… or 1988. It was definitely in the 1980s, that’s for sure.

Also in this episode: AC discusses attending a Japanese funeral, Rob reveals his new-found passion for the great outdoors, and we also accuse Jonathan “Uncle Stabbo” Martin of various crimes. Plus a fun quiz!

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It should however be noted that the music in the middle of the show was not made by them. So if you go to bandcamp expecting to hear that music, I’m afraid you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 50 – Stream of Nonsense 10 – Ixnay on the Prostitution-nay

A New Year has dawned and a new era in unprofessional podcasting has been birthed into an unsuspecting world, because by gosh and by gum it’s episode 50 of your source for all video game related information. And thank goodness it’s a Stream of Nonsense because there is no way the lads would have pulled together a proper episode after the so-called “holiday” they both “enjoyed” recently. In this delightful episode we discuss our dreadful Christmas breaks, AC’s daughter learning to do dangerous things, AC’s man-bun looks pretty good, aging gracefully, Rob used to wear lip gloss and have lovely long hair like a pretty lady, how Goth culture is the fast track to existential philosophy, the “vaguely spiritual” look, cultural misappropriation, tattoos and the removal of tattoos. We also discussed some video games too, including the lovely gifts we received from one Cody Gough of Game/Life Balance US, plus Rob’s not-exactly-timely review of Uncharted 4. Because we are nothing if not timely.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 49 – A Very GLB Christmas III: The End of Season Cliffhanger

Well this sure was a humdinger off an episode. It all started very good with the usual Christmas Special nonsense that we cart out every year. But then things took a turn for the … concerning.

Our featured game for this episode is the extremely appropriate Yuletide video game, Christmas Nights into Dreams for the Sega Saturn, which is basically a sickeningly Christmas-y spin-off from the original Nights into Dreams. Rob did have a quiz prepared to, but as you’ll see, we never quite got around to that part of the show.

Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger folks, but tune in to our next episode to find out what happened to Han Solo… I mean Rob… apologies, I’m getting my devilishly charming rogues confused.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 48 – The Adventures of Lord Horatio de la Buttmunch

This week the lads are joined by our Japan correspondent, Andrew “L-Chan” Lynch, who flew back to Australia with the sole purpose of recording this truly wonderful podcast. In it we discuss our featured game Crusader Kings II, which is sort of like an RPG  but also sort of like a strategy game but mostly just a game where you try to murder other members of your family. Anyway it’s one of those “Rob games” so prepare to be bored to death.

Also in this delightful episode, we discuss Dwarf Fortress, suspicious Turkish food, Parliament House, a game that was maybe called Knights of Valour, and Werewolf (the board game, not the sexy Twilight boy). Plus there’s the usual quiz etc. Oh and AC says some very reasonable and balanced things about the Final Fantasy series. Please send all your lovely fan mail to @prodtally on Twitter, he especially likes DMs (but not as much as @ProducerCody).

Some men made music for us. American men. Good men. Men who know how to make a music like back in the olden days before the cellular phone and before plastic surgery to make your butt bigger was a viable option for those striving for bigger-buttedness. Their names are Me and My Shadow and their website is Seek ye out these musical mens.



Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 47 – An Opportunistic Scrotum Criminal

This time AC really took the show to a new low.

Also in this frankly vile episode, we discussed Super Mario Land for the Gameboy, our featured game for the week, plus AC’s new career as an artist, and Rob’s new career as a sad lonely man. Oh and I think Uncharted 4 may have come up at some point.

Our musicalistics were drawn by two music designers called Me and My Shadow who you can inspect more of by visiting their weebsiyte at

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 46 – Like a Tardis

Wolfenstein is hot right now, so the lads decided to jump on the bandwagon and revisit a childhood favourite, the ultra-violent FPS that started it all, Wolfenstein 3D. Also in this hum-dinger of an episode: Rob used to be a sexy model, and AC used to be intoxicated (and probably will be again in the future; he just took a break for a couple of weeks). Plus there’s the usual segments that you’ve come to know and love, like the one where Rob reads out a poorly thought-out quiz, or the one where the boys spend ten minutes talking about the uncomfortable (but equally unquestionable) truth that Jonathan “Uncle Stabbo” Martin is a criminal. It’s a very good episode. Very good.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 45 – Stream of Nonsense 9 – And baby makes three

This week the lads invite special guest E-Man to join them on what proves to be one of the weirdest, rambliest and funniest episodes to date! After 4 hours of streaming for Extra Life, our podcast pals take a break from all of that videogamery to reflect on their high school days and all the traumatic events of that heady time, including tales of bullying, schoolyard politics, and the social capital one gains when a girlfriend is attained. Also in this silly episode, Rob gets huffy when AC and E-Man derail his attempts to discuss Sunless Sea, E-Man shares his displeasure with the townsfolk of Stardew Valley, and AC gushes about Super Mario Odyssey. Oh and there’s also a lot of weird references to the version of Doom that was ported to the Game Boy Advance because we played it on the stream and also because we just love being current and timely with our references. PS: Sorry if the audio quality is a bit off this week, we had three men in a shed huddled around a microphone so it could have been much, much worse.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 44 – The Red Light Special

Nothing says “arousing” quite like two men in their late thirties hunched over a microphone in a room filled to the roof with old video games. And so, in the spirit of all things risque, we present to you the Red Light Special of Game/Life Balance Australia, where we take a look into the seedy and steamy world of sexy videoed games. And of course, what game could be more adult than our featured game for this week … Pipi and Bibi?? What the hell kind of name for a game is that?!?! And as always, there’s the usual hilarious high-brow japes, cutting social commentary and keen political insight you’ve come to expect from these charming masters of the airwaves. Plus we do a quiz about games with the boobers and bum-bums in them.

OK. That’s it, I quit.

I’m done writing these stupid things. Tell Rob he can write them himself from now on.

Oh and the people who made our music are good so click on this for more of the good: 

Seriously guys. I’m done.

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 43 – Duck Murder

Wait, what? Why is there another episode of this show so soon after the last? Well the fact is we’re changing the week we record and publish these things, and we decided to double up rather than keep you hanging for 3 weeks. So consider yourself lucky you spoiled brats!

When life gives you lemons… go shoot a duck. And in this week’s quacktastic episode we live out that time-honoured adage by making the NES classic Duck Hunt our featured game for the week. Also we probably do a funny joke or three because hey, we’re hilarious. Oh and Rob’s been playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild a bit. So that’s fun.

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