Our evil plans for 2016… and beyond!


Welcome traveler. Somehow you found your way to our humble website. For this, we are thankful. Take a mug of ale, sit by the fire and let me regale you with…

OK, I can’t keep this B-grade fantasy garbage up any longer. Welcome to Game/Life Balance Australia!

What the heck is Game/Life Balance Australia you ask? Well dummy we have an About page which can answer that question for you. You idiot!

This article won’t help explain the existence of our podcast, website, written content, videos, and other high-larious thigh slappingly funny content. Some may argue such an explanation is beyond the means of science, religion, or my own unique blend of the two that I like to call Religiology (which is definitely not a cult).

But it will give you an idea of our plans for content in the year ahead – so if you want to know what we’ve got in store, read on!