Monthly Archive: February 2015

Game/Life Balance – Episode 2

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It’s a fantastic show this week, folks! (If we do say so ourselves…)
We go full Werewolf as we discuss our featured game ‘Altered Beast’, AC talks about his instant Sega Saturn collection and Rob’s been playing Shadow of Mordor.
And to top it all off, Rob tries to confound AC with the video game lore quiz “Is it Canon?”

Give us a listen! We promise you won’t be disappointed (after the drugs kick in!)

Game/Life Balance – Episode 1

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The two Australian dudes talking games (both old and new) are here for their first official episode!
This month our featured game is slightly odd M.C . Kids (McDonaldland) for the NES, Rob quizzes AC with “Simpsons or Sim City”, we’ve got some interesting news stories and the all the talk about games, life and the balance thereof!
Give us a listen! Don’t worry you’ll grow to love us.

Like Stockholm Syndrome!

Game/Life Balance – Episode 0

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Welcome to the pilot episode of Game/Life Balance! We’re 2 Australian guys who talk about their love of Video Games, both old and new!
This month our featured game is Streets and Rage for the Mega Drive/Genesis and Rob tests AC’s knowledge with “Heavy Metal Band or Video Game?”

This being the pilot, we’re working out some kinks, so if you enjoy our antiks at all please come back for more!