Monthly Archive: May 2015

Game/Life Balance Episode 8 – Harry Potters and the Infringement of Trademarks

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It’s Pac-Man’s 35th birthday, and to celebrate this milestone we’ve made our little yellow friend our featured game for the week. In this incredibly foul-mouthed episode we also applaud the return of the Nintendo World Championship, and discuss the legal battle between Rockstar and the BBC. We also conclusively prove once and for all that the Metal Gear games are stupid, and find out what AC bought on his recent trip to Japan (spoilers: a whole lot of crap).

Game/Life Balance – Episode 7: The Putin-cast

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In this episode (sponsored by British American Tobacco) Rob and AC shine a spotlight on the SNES classic Super Mario Kart, discuss the EFF/ESA legal battle, ruminate on why Vladimir Putin is Number One Great Guy, explain why Flicky is annoying, explain why Fantasy Zone is even more annoying, and celebrate AC conquering The Legend of Zelda. Also we play another game of Simpsons Or Simcity! Game/Life Balance: the 17th most popular video-game themed podcast in Russia for some reason.