Monthly Archive: July 2015

Game/Life Balance Episode 12 – The Animal Cruelty Special

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Two weeks have passed, the trauma has faded, and wounds have healed, so it’s time once more for your favourite audio travesty, Game/Life Balance! Join us as we mourn Iwata-san’s passing, mispronounce NASA, and discuss the increasingly off-putting trend of marketers targeting nerd nostalgia. Also in this episode, Rob shares his thoughts on his 3rd favourite game of all time, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. No baby seals were harmed in the making of this episode.

Game/Life Balance Episode 11 – Alcohol Makes Us Funnier

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We’re a little late with this episode, but only because we jam packed it to the gills with high-larious thigh slapping comedy! In this rambunctious episode we discuss the bottle cap economy, the correct pronunciation of NASA, the incorrect pronunciation of Moria, the terrifying realities of Greece’s new austerity measures, and the nightmarish future heralded by the Red Bull/Destiny cross marketing promotion. We also discuss our 4th favourite video games of all time, and delve into another devilishly delicious quiz. Also AC emotionally injures most of his few remaining friends because he’s a human monster, and Rob laughs because he’s even worse. Game/Life Balance – the podcast for terrible people.