Monthly Archive: August 2015

Game/Life Balance Episode 14 – The Little Bookshop of Horrors

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On this rambunctious installment, we cover why Konami is a bad employer, even by Japanese standards, why 5 computer nerds became overnight millionaires, why bad things happen to good people, and why these podcast descriptions are slowly becoming more verbose and stupid than an episode of 60 Minutes. Also Rob discusses his 2nd favourite game of all time, Rome: Total War, AC makes numerous ill-considered references to the male anatomy, and we play an oh-so-fun quiz about an overdone trope. Game/Life Balance is wanted in 7 states for grand theft horse-oh. Shoot on sight.

Game/Life Balance Episode 13 – Ronald Rayben’s Exhumed Corpse

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It’s episode 13, so in honour of the scariest two-digit number we made this installment of Game/Life Balance our spookiest episode yet! In this spooktacular episode we have a terrorific talk about Tetris, AC’s 3rd favourite game of all time, mourn at the funeral of Windows solitaire, dance with glee on the graves of the baby boomer generation, and exorcise the ghost of good taste in honour of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Pokemon-themed concert tour. Finally we summon up the long-dead spirit of the 90s with a quiz about platformer mascots with attitude! It’s a spine-tingling good time! Skeletons!!!!!!