Monthly Archive: September 2015

Game/Life Balance Episode 17 – The Grugcast

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Once upon a time, there were two idiots named Rob and AC who somehow could afford the bare minimum equipment to make a podcast. Join them as they talk inanely about Rob’s number 1 favourite game of all time, as well as how video game ESRB ratings are changing, how Metal Gear Solid V is the most realistic game about horses pooping and ballooning donkeys for science, and how games can cure brain injuries. Sounds like these two need to play a lot more games!

Game/Life Balance Episode 16 – Caveat YouTubor

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Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story! Let’s take a trip to the cave of YouTube payola. Also on this gruelling episode, we celebrate some birthdays, Rob explains why Metal Gear Solid V is the best Metal Gear Solid game, and AC explains why Mario Maker hurt his feelings. Plus AC reveals his 2nd favourite video game of all time!

Game Life Balance Episode 15 – Stream of Nonsense #3

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AC and Rob are joined this week by a very special guest host – none other than cricketing legend David Boon! This time around we thought we’d do something different for a change, and put aside our usual insightful commentary on the ethics of gaming and the crisis of modern man, and actually make this episode a real stream of nonsense. So join Boonie and the boys as they have a long, rambling, Tequila-fuelled discussion of such diverse topics as what Hyper magazine’s fan art section might look like today, Shane Warne’s artistic tastes, Rob’s flawless Obama impression, AC’s endless love of Mario 64, Seaquest DSV, and all sorts of other tripe.