Monthly Archive: October 2015

Game/Life Balance Episode 18 – The Final Castle

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It’s the final episode of GLB, so equip your legendary armour set and get ready to fight God! As Rob prepares for fatherhood we send him off in style in this extra-long bumper edition, with a wide ranging discussion covering our fans’ Top 5 lists, AC favourite game of all time (I WONDER WHAT IT IS), JB Hifi’s love for Hideo Kojima, the demise of the Vita, why you definitely shouldn’t pirate the new Call of Duty:Black Ops, but why pirates and all piracy related things are really cool, Rob’s future gaming plans for when he finally gets his gaming PC (don’t hold your breath) and a whole lot of other malarkey. Plus a poignant quiz on video game endings to round it all out. Thanks to all our listeners, we don’t know why you keep downloading this trash but we’re thankful that someone does. God bless.