Monthly Archive: June 2016

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 9 – Taking it back to the old school

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with your old (and I mean literally old, as in geriatric) pals AC and Rob, as we reminisce on our high school days, schoolyard romances and Rob’s desperate attempts to be “cool.” And to maintain this theme that we forcefully retcon’d into the episode after the fact, our feature game this week is Sonic the Hedgehog – for the Master System. How much more old school can you get than that?! The answer is a lot, and also that the term old school has been bandied around so much that it’s almost lost all meaning. So put on your hammer pants and your Reebok Pumps, put on your favourite Furious Five track and get ready to turn the clock back! And don’t do drugs. Ever.

Intro music: Anamanaguchi – Video Challenge
Outro music: Anamanaguchi – Fast Turtle

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 8 – Silent Night, Taco Night

Oh boy, it’s another superlative episode of your favourite podcast of all time ever please. This time around our feature game is the quirky little puzzle game mash-up, Puyo Puyo Tetris! Plus Rob wants to be self employed, AC wants to belittle Rob’s physique, Rob updates us on his daughter’s development, AC updates us on his PC gaming adventures, and probably some other stuff happened too that I can’t remember because brain injury. It’s a podcast! You can’t deny that.