Monthly Archive: August 2016

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 13 – Oprah’s Book Club™

AC is back on deck and ready to run his mouth about all sorts of stuff, so join us as we take a deep dive on indie platformer Broforce, our featured game for this week. Plus we insult two major world religions, chat for a long time about AC’s experience as a new father, and land upon a brilliant rebranding strategy that will totally definitely not get us sued ever.

Intro music: Anamanaguchi – Video Challenge
Outro music: Anamanaguchi – Fast Turtle

Game/Life Gaiden – Stabbo Ahoy!

Game/Life Gaiden is a new podcast series from the Game/Life Balance team! We now have a place for any kind of extra episodes we want to record!

First episode sees AC and Jonathan “Uncle Stabbo” Martin cheat on their respective podcasting partners! *shock horror*
They chat about everything from AC’s weird name, Australian/American parental leave, video game collections, board games and what really gets Uncle Stabbo’s goat (think Cody).

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 12 – Happy Talk

With AC still out on parental leave, Rob’s beautiful and hilarious wife Megan joins the show as our guest host for this week. In our Game/Life segment, Meg and Rob give some relationship advice to gamers and the people that they love, so if you’ve ever wondered how a relationship will effect your gaming time, or how your gaming time will effect your relationship, this episode is for you. Our featured game this week is Civilization V, a game Meg and Rob have played a LOT – sometimes together! Also in this episode we probe deep into Meg’s well-travelled life story, take a look back over the early years of Disney’s feature length animated films, and critique Rob’s Hitman technique. Disclaimer: Game/Life Balance does not condone nuking Paris.