Monthly Archive: October 2016

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 18 – The Halloween Special

They’re creepy, they’re cooky, they’re altogether … mildly offensive. That’s right boys and girls, it’s the Halloween special of GLB Australia! So put on your crappy $2 plastic smock with Casper the Ghost painted on it and join us for the spookiest episode of GLB yet, as we chat about the horror game par excellence, Amnesia: the Dark Descent, our featured game for this episode! Also in this episode, the boys delve into the Australian version of Halloween (hint: it’s half-assed), before things take a turn for the macabre as the lads discuss the best way to cook a succulent Chinese virtual boy. Also Rob finally completed his Rome campaign in Total War:Rome 2, and AC finally completed Doki-Doki Panic! Oh the joys of the false sense of achievement that video games foster.

Intro/Outro music: Game/Life Balance Theme – Me and My Shadow

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 17 – By Royal Appointment

AC is back from Japan with tales of abysmal airline experiences, and shares his strategies for staving off insanity when your wife and child are out of the country. Hint: it involves a lot of drinking! This week the boys take a look at a verified piece of video game history, the groundbreaking PC platformer Commander Keen. Rob gives a mangled version of the story of id Software’s genesis, before our lads proceed to dissect the game, what makes it special and whether or not it’s worth a looksee today. Plus Rob gives an insight into what life is like when your baby starts being mobile, AC does a flawless and very respectful impression of Our Royal Highness, and we wrap it up with a quiz about food in video games. Marvelous!

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|Outro music: Anamanaguchi – Fast Turtle|