Monthly Archive: December 2016

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 22 – A Very GLB Christmas 2: Electric Rudolfoo

It’s time to deck the halls and steal a cheeky kiss on the bum under the mistletoe because gosh darn it if it ain’t the Game/Life Balance Australia Christmas special! This year we’re serving up a hot steaming plate of yuletide fare with our featured game, International Cricket for the NES. That’s right, we know you’ve been clamouring for us to cover a cricket game on this show, so we finally decided to give our loyal fans exactly what they want, or dare I say, need! That’s right, you know you need it baby. Rob gives a very accurate and factually correct explanation of the rules of cricket, AC gives us the origin story of cricket, and we both share our views of the glorious Australian tradition of watching grown men hit a ball with a stick in the sweltering heat of an Australian summer. In our Game/Life Balance segment we discuss holiday plans: Rob will be spending the holidays in Canberra because he is broke as a joke, while AC is travelling back to Japan to enjoy a traditional weird Japanese Christmas just like the baby Jeebers intended. Plus we discuss Harry The Henderson™, The Witcher 3, AC’s mankini and hairy Hobbit feet. And we wrap it up (pun definitely intended) with a festive quiz about Christmas in video games! This podcast has so much Christmas spirit it is literally ready to explode in a giant deadly fireball raining shrapnel and fiery death on everyone in its vicinity. God bless us every one!

Featuring Christmas chip tunes from these esteemed musical persons:

Frosty the Snowgram – Ouch! Fire!
Winter Wonderland – Joedouken!
Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer – !D!

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 21 – Scatman John might be your dad

Our show just turned 21, so in the US it can now legally get tanked and talk rubbish to strangers. Which is precisely what we did in this extra stupid extra drunk episode! So join us for a deep dumpster dive of a podcast as try really hard to discuss our views on the N-Gage exclusive FPS Ashen, our featured game for this week, but instead spend most of the show laughing about Scatman John. Plus Rob has been playing more Witcher 3, AC has been playing Super Mario Bros 3, Fred Savage has been harvesting organs at his private cinema, and our quiz this week is the delightful Is It Canon?! So join us, won’t you? Oh, you won’t? Fair enough.