Monthly Archive: February 2017

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 26 – Sexy Pandas

The lads had a fair bit to drink this week, but somehow it turned out the same as every other episode – so what does that tell you? Our featured game this week is the hilariously weird shooter Parodius! Plus we touch on a bunch of other topics, including: gaming energy, Rob’s wife’s gone back to school, Panda porn, the Potterverse, Rob’s dwindling interest in the Witcher 3, AC’s adventures in Doom 2016, and Coca Cola Kid. And then we wrap it up with a fun, super-easy quiz about shooters!

The Game/Life Balance Australia theme was made by the super-creative smart cookies, Me and My Shadow. So if you want to make our day, go and check out all their other fine musical stuff at !!!

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 25 – Stream of Nonsense 5 – Dig Dug’s baby mama

AC is back in the great, definitely-not-racist land of Australia, so over the Australia Day weekend we recorded almost 2 hours of magical nonsense for your enjoyment. So join us or die (seriously) as we discuss how long it’s been since we last recorded together, how animals make different sounds in Japan, how the Dreamcast is a terrible console, how Prince Phillip is an undead liche, how good Trine 2 is in co-op mode, how Rob feels about Final Fantasy games, and how completing games that you don’t like is probably a waste of time. Also in this marvellous episode, we get all philosophical about why we play games, AC describes life in rural Japan, Rob explores the cat/human relationship, and we discover the shocking truth that Dig Dug had sex with someone probably. Plus there’s a quiz about the Australian games industry (RIP) in honour of Australia Day and all that it stands for – convict labour, imperialism, racial discrimination and the Westminster system of government. Hurrah for Australia!

Intro/Outro music: Game/Life Balance Theme – Me and My Shadow