Monthly Archive: March 2017

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 29 – Dear President Abe

This week the boys dived into the dumpster of video game history and came out with the Sega Saturn version of Street Fighter: The Movie. And by that we mean the game based on the movie based on another different game. Is your head hurting yet? Well it sure will be after listening to this podcast, wherein Rob shares his brilliant new strategy for getting PC games on the cheap, and wherein AC complains that there weren’t enough panty shots in Pretty Fighter X. Plus we play AC’s favourite quiz of all time ever which he loves more than his own family. I give this podcast 17 thumbs up!

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 28 – The Parrot Sketch

Everyone seems to be talking about Zelda these days, and in this episode your high-larious hosts Rob and AC eagerly jump on that bandwagon like a couple of talentless hacks to discuss the Gameboy classic, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Plus Rob hasn’t been playing any games, and AC went to the movies. We also have a fun new quiz so that’s good isn’t it? And if you’re wondering why we’re late again this week, Rob just forgot to edit it. That’s right, he forgot that this podcast is a thing. Such a disappointment, that lad.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 27 – More like BLUNDER Boy!

Better late than never! Unless, that is, you’re talking about the audio stylings of your superbest friends Rob and AC! This week the lads take a deep dive on the Sega arcade classic, Wonder Boy. Or as you rebellious Yankee separatists might call it, “Adventure Island.” So put on your grass skirt and safety helmet because the lads are ready to ride this skateboard of a podcast right off the nearest cliff! Also in this delightful episode, Rob discusses his recent time playing 2016’s Hitman, and voices his love for the series and his frustrations with the Spotted system. Plus AC has been staving off the madness that stems from the bachelor lifestyle by opening boxes full of old Japanese video games and pop culture tat that he took home from Japan. It’s nerderiffic!

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