Monthly Archive: September 2017

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 41 – Professor Anime Hair

What is a Virtual Boy? How does a Virtual Boy become a real boy? And why does AC own two Virtual Boys? These and other questions will not be answered in any way on this podcast. But we do talk a little bit about Space Squash, our featured game for the week. Also in this somewhat amusing episode: Rob is moving out of his house, and AC is playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. All signs that the end times are truly upon us. Plus there’s a quiz I think???

Our musical musics was musically music’d by two music boys from Musicville USA, Me and My Shadow. Check out all of the other sounds they have made at


Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 40 – Stream of Nonsense #8 – Hedonism

August has come and gone like a thief in the night, leaving us stabbed and bleeding out in the gutter. And to celebrate the end of AC’s dry month, he had a wee bit too much to drink over the weekend and somehow this podcast was produced. So join us for Stream of Nonsense episode 8, wherein we discuss hedonism, the RSPCA, explicit podcast ratings, laughing at misery, the only reliable path to securing your data, Nintendo’s attempts at doing internet things, Much Ado About Nothing, obsessive nerds, and some sad news about Rob’s personal life. Comedy and tragedy, this show has it all. Mainly tragedy though.

Our theme music for the show was loving handcrafted for us by two humans from the United States by the name of Me and My Shadow.  Check out their musical stylings on the world wide weebs at or