Monthly Archive: October 2017

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 44 – The Red Light Special

Nothing says “arousing” quite like two men in their late thirties hunched over a microphone in a room filled to the roof with old video games. And so, in the spirit of all things risque, we present to you the Red Light Special of Game/Life Balance Australia, where we take a look into the seedy and steamy world of sexy videoed games. And of course, what game could be more adult than our featured game for this week … Pipi and Bibi?? What the hell kind of name for a game is that?!?! And as always, there’s the usual hilarious high-brow japes, cutting social commentary and keen political insight you’ve come to expect from these charming masters of the airwaves. Plus we do a quiz about games with the boobers and bum-bums in them.

OK. That’s it, I quit.

I’m done writing these stupid things. Tell Rob he can write them himself from now on.

Oh and the people who made our music are good so click on this for more of the good: 

Seriously guys. I’m done.

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 43 – Duck Murder

Wait, what? Why is there another episode of this show so soon after the last? Well the fact is we’re changing the week we record and publish these things, and we decided to double up rather than keep you hanging for 3 weeks. So consider yourself lucky you spoiled brats!

When life gives you lemons… go shoot a duck. And in this week’s quacktastic episode we live out that time-honoured adage by making the NES classic Duck Hunt our featured game for the week. Also we probably do a funny joke or three because hey, we’re hilarious. Oh and Rob’s been playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild a bit. So that’s fun.

Our delightfully delicious musical adventures were hand-carved and set in solid gold by two highly intelligent dogs wearing lab coats by the name of Me and My Shadow. Check out all their other musical stylings at

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 42 – The Mini Snezz

While the rest of the world is busy worrying about nuclear apocalypse, fake news, and violence in the Middle East, the nerds among us are all frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs for a stupid plastic box that plays old games and costs frankly way too much money. And so of course we decided to review said stupid plastic box. What do we think of it? Listen in to find out. (Also don’t judge our views based on this text description alone because it is 10pm and Robert is grumpy because he just wants to go play games instead of editing a podcast and writing this tripe. The box actually isn’t that stupid, it’s an okay sort of a box really when you get right down to it. And how can you even begin to judge the intelligence-level of a plastic box? It’s hard to even conceive of how you might go about gauging such a thing. I mean really.)

Also in this charming episode we have no quiz because Rob couldn’t be arsed writing a quiz. He’s separating from his wife so give him a bloody break alright?! Also: we tried really really hard not to talk about PUBG but managed to slip it in anyway. So I’m sure that thrills your teats off.

We also do a few jokes here and there, if I recall correctly.

Look, okay, I barely listen to these things until after they’re already out, so I rely mostly on memory to write these descriptions, and to be honest I don’t remember much about this one. So that’s a really good sign isn’t it? I’m sure it’s fine, I mean it can hardly be our worst episode ever…

Oh and our music was made by somebody somewhere called Me and My Shadow who you can maybe check out more of at because you might find that they are cool people that do a good music.