Monthly Archive: December 2017

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 49 – A Very GLB Christmas III: The End of Season Cliffhanger

Well this sure was a humdinger off an episode. It all started very good with the usual Christmas Special nonsense that we cart out every year. But then things took a turn for the … concerning.

Our featured game for this episode is the extremely appropriate Yuletide video game, Christmas Nights into Dreams for the Sega Saturn, which is basically a sickeningly Christmas-y spin-off from the original Nights into Dreams. Rob did have a quiz prepared to, but as you’ll see, we never quite got around to that part of the show.

Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger folks, but tune in to our next episode to find out what happened to Han Solo… I mean Rob… apologies, I’m getting my devilishly charming rogues confused.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 48 – The Adventures of Lord Horatio de la Buttmunch

This week the lads are joined by our Japan correspondent, Andrew “L-Chan” Lynch, who flew back to Australia with the sole purpose of recording this truly wonderful podcast. In it we discuss our featured game Crusader Kings II, which is sort of like an RPG  but also sort of like a strategy game but mostly just a game where you try to murder other members of your family. Anyway it’s one of those “Rob games” so prepare to be bored to death.

Also in this delightful episode, we discuss Dwarf Fortress, suspicious Turkish food, Parliament House, a game that was maybe called Knights of Valour, and Werewolf (the board game, not the sexy Twilight boy). Plus there’s the usual quiz etc. Oh and AC says some very reasonable and balanced things about the Final Fantasy series. Please send all your lovely fan mail to @prodtally on Twitter, he especially likes DMs (but not as much as @ProducerCody).

Some men made music for us. American men. Good men. Men who know how to make a music like back in the olden days before the cellular phone and before plastic surgery to make your butt bigger was a viable option for those striving for bigger-buttedness. Their names are Me and My Shadow and their website is Seek ye out these musical mens.



Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 47 – An Opportunistic Scrotum Criminal

This time AC really took the show to a new low.

Also in this frankly vile episode, we discussed Super Mario Land for the Gameboy, our featured game for the week, plus AC’s new career as an artist, and Rob’s new career as a sad lonely man. Oh and I think Uncharted 4 may have come up at some point.

Our musicalistics were drawn by two music designers called Me and My Shadow who you can inspect more of by visiting their weebsiyte at