Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 30 – Stream of Nonsense #6 – Morlock Fan Art

Another of the Queen’s fortnights has come and gone, and because the number of this podcast is divisible by 5 it’s time once more to snuggle up with your hairy pals Rob and AC for another foray into the darkest recesses of the human mind that we like to call Stream of Nonsense! In this calamitous episode: AC has to travel to Japan AGAIN, and Rob quits social media and wonders whether in doing so he is a trailblazer or a luddite. Plus: guys need a lot of time on the toilet, red light districts are closer than you think, Rob has a time travelling time travel machine (for time travelling), AC ponders purchasing a Switch, and we wax poetical on the joys of 2D platformers.

The Game/Life Balance Australia theme music was loving hand crafted using locally sourced sound waves by the outstandingly talented Me and My Shadow. Check out all their other stuff at and

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