Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 32 – Man Flu of the Butt

Yeah that’s right we’re still making these. Largely out of spite. But if you’re still listening then you’re in for a gosh darn treat because our featured game this week is a genuine stone cold classic, the arcade beat ’em up par excellence, Double Dragon! We cover the original arcade version plus the various home console ports, including our beloved Master System port and the downright shoddy NES port too. Plus in our Game/Life segment Rob tells us a tale of nappy rash woes, while AC has been sinking all of his copious free time into Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And in honour of Bimmy and Jimmy our quiz this week is all about ports! So that should be fun or at least tolerable shouldn’t it?!

Our theme music (which let’s face it is better than we deserve) is made by two charming gentlemen from the US who go by the name of Me and My Shadow. Check out all their fine musical stylings at! Do it now. NOW.

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