Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 33 – Silent Breakfasts

Put on your ninja masks and keep an eye on your stealth meter because good gosh with gravy it’s another episode of Game/Life Balance Australia! This time our featured game is the beloved arcade beat ’em up, Teenage Mutant Ninja Toitles (the only acceptable pronunciation). Plus Rob shares his new sneaky morning ritual, while AC has been stealthily hunting for an elusive PC Engine EverDrive. And to wrap it all up, Rob unleashes the most evil quiz ever devised by a human mind. So if you enjoy listening to AC suffering then you will enjoy this one quite a bit – I know I certainly do!

Our intro music is way way better than we deserve, and was put together by two crude dudes from the USA who go by the name of Me And My Shadow. So do yourself a favour and check out all their other stuff at or

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