Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 43 – Duck Murder

Wait, what? Why is there another episode of this show so soon after the last? Well the fact is we’re changing the week we record and publish these things, and we decided to double up rather than keep you hanging for 3 weeks. So consider yourself lucky you spoiled brats!

When life gives you lemons… go shoot a duck. And in this week’s quacktastic episode we live out that time-honoured adage by making the NES classic Duck Hunt our featured game for the week. Also we probably do a funny joke or three because hey, we’re hilarious. Oh and Rob’s been playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild a bit. So that’s fun.

Our delightfully delicious musical adventures were hand-carved and set in solid gold by two highly intelligent dogs wearing lab coats by the name of Me and My Shadow. Check out all their other musical stylings at

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