Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 46 – Like a Tardis

Wolfenstein is hot right now, so the lads decided to jump on the bandwagon and revisit a childhood favourite, the ultra-violent FPS that started it all, Wolfenstein 3D. Also in this hum-dinger of an episode: Rob used to be a sexy model, and AC used to be intoxicated (and probably will be again in the future; he just took a break for a couple of weeks). Plus there’s the usual segments that you’ve come to know and love, like the one where Rob reads out a poorly thought-out quiz, or the one where the boys spend ten minutes talking about the uncomfortable (but equally unquestionable) truth that Jonathan “Uncle Stabbo” Martin is a criminal. It’s a very good episode. Very good.

Music was done by two persons and we then got that music and stuck it on the front and end of the music sound folder that this show lives in on my comptruter. To find more of the music go to now please.

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