What is Game/Life Balance?

An international conspiracy of like-minded gamers with an irrational yet irresistible desire to record podcasts about video games. The cancer started in Australia with the original Game/Life Balance podcast in 2015, then rapidly spread across the Pacific infecting a pair of podcasters in the United States.

Game/Life Balance has two branches:

  • Game/Life Balance Australia, run by Andrew “AC” Yoshimura and Rob Bailey (that’s us!)
  • Game/Life Balance US, run by Cody Gough and Jonathan Martin.

AC, Rob, Cody and Jon all share one thing in common: we love video games, but finding the time to play them can be difficult. We all live with our partners, most of us are married, some of us have kids, and we all have day jobs too. Juggling all of these competing interests can be tough, and it can be hard for us to find the right balance between gaming and life. Hence the name. Clever, no?

The Game/Life Balance Australia team

Rob Bailey

Photo of RobThe host of the Game/Life Balance Australia podcast, and an avid PC gamer. Rob has a bachelors degree in Professional Writing and works for the Australian Government in a shadowy law-enforcement organisation.

Rob’s also a bit of a fancy man wannabe-intellectual who in his extremely limited spare time is studying Latin and Biblical Hebrew. He’s not very good at either, but his heart is in the right place.

He has a sweet and very tolerant wife, and a cute baby daughter who he loves a lot but also drives him insane.

Andrew “AC” Yoshimura

Photo of AC

Co-host of the show, Andrew “AC” Yoshimura is a decorated war veteran and award-winning author of the pseudo-scientific self-help series, “Unleashing Your Inner Demon to Win Friends and Dominate Co-workers.” He achieved fame early in life for being the first man on Mars, and his well-known exploits in the MMA circuit has earned him a fearsome reputation as a violent, yet tenderhearted psychopath. A outspoken proponent of extreme adventure sports, he spends his spare time climbing Tibetan mountains and capturing rogue alligators with his bare hands.

He is also a borderline-obsessive collector of old video games and consoles, and is a self-described “retro gamer.” He participates in many different aspects of geek culture, from comic books to science fiction, and is perhaps the world’s leading authority on the early 90s Australian children’s television show “The Girl From Tomorrow.” He has a bachelors degree in Media Production and works for the Australian government in another, less shadowy capacity than Rob. He lives with his lovely wife in a house filled with geeky paraphernalia.

Game/Life Balance US

If you love our show, or if you kind of like our show a bit but wish that it was better, maybe you’d also like or even prefer the American edition of the Game/Life Balance podcast, Game/Life Balance US. You can check out their website at gamelifebalance.us where you’ll find links to their podcast feeds, social media accounts and the other cool content they produce, like reviews, blogs and the like. But seriously don’t unsubscribe to our podcast just because theirs is better, we know your IP address.

A brief history of Game/Life Balance

One day in 2015, a freaked-out former hippy named Rob Bailey approached his childhood friend, legendary hero and military bad-ass Andrew “AC” Yoshimura, with a terrible idea.

Rob suggested that they had displayed a certain low-grade knack for humorous banter about video games, and wouldn’t it be fun to subject others to that banter. AC rapidly agreed, and in next to no time they acquired the bare minimum equipment necessary to record a podcast. And thus Game/Life Balance was born.

The initial run of the show stretched through the majority of the 2015 calendar year, only to be abruptly halted by Rob’s impending fatherhood. The little bundle of joy had derailed the glorious endeavour, and the once-great podcast languished in a drawn-out hiatus. It seemed as though the Game/Life Balance podcast would be forever relegated to the history books…

But in the hour of need Odin smiled upon the Game/Life Balance brand. Two wise men from across the seas reached out to AC and Rob with a proposal. Their names were Cody Gough and Jonathan Martin, and they had a crazy idea.

“Let us use the Game/Life Balance name to rebrand our Unqualified Gamers podcast,” they said, “and we will repay you royally with shout-outs, collabs and links on our website.”

A deal was struck, hands were shaken, and the boys in Oz were given a motivational kick up the jacksie. Game/Life Balance had become a global phenomenon! And while Cody and Jon carried the banner of Game/Life Balance in the US, AC and Rob gathered their resources, biding their time and waiting for the right moment to relaunch their podcast on an unsuspecting world…