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Game/Life Balance – Episode 7: The Putin-cast

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In this episode (sponsored by British American Tobacco) Rob and AC shine a spotlight on the SNES classic Super Mario Kart, discuss the EFF/ESA legal battle, ruminate on why Vladimir Putin is Number One Great Guy, explain why Flicky is annoying, explain why Fantasy Zone is even more annoying, and celebrate AC conquering The Legend of Zelda. Also we play another game of Simpsons Or Simcity! Game/Life Balance: the 17th most popular video-game themed podcast in Russia for some reason.

Game/Life Balance – Episode 6

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AC is a little hyper this week as he and Rob talk about the dreaded unlicensed NES game: “Caltron 6 in 1”. We talk about the latest Nintendo news and future console and Rob tries to get back at AC with the popular “Is it Canon?” quiz!

Game/Life Balance Episode 5 – Stream of Nonsense!

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Since it’s our 5th (official) episode, we decided to try something a little different. In Stream of Nonsense, Rob and AC record their stream of consciousness. We talk about everything from different types of game difficulty, to why channel 10 used to play “Bird on a Wire” so damn much!
Funny this is, we aimed for wacky, and instead got serious, knowledgeable discussion. But don’t worry, if you’re not a fan we’ll be back to the old format next episode! Give it a listen, it’s better than 18th century scurvy!

Game/Life Balance – Episode 4

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Wooo! Awesome episode this week, our featured game is none other than Kirby’s Adventure for NES! We have some interesting news stories for you, catch up on Rob’s gaming and hear about the handheld collections AC has acquired for himself. And to top it off we revisit the classic quiz: Heavy Metal Band or Video Game. Only this time, it’s much harder for poor old AC.
So like the hordes of Zombies eating your brains, we ask you to join us. JOOOOIN US! It’s free!

Game/Life Balance – Episode 3

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This episode we actually choose a fantastic featured game; the original Metal Slug! After Rob and AC finish drooling over that, they talk news from GDC, Duck Tales and AC gets quizzed with “Phone Game or Phoney Game?” Give us a listen, it’s like crack for your ears! The first hit is free…

Game/Life Balance – Episode 2

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It’s a fantastic show this week, folks! (If we do say so ourselves…)
We go full Werewolf as we discuss our featured game ‘Altered Beast’, AC talks about his instant Sega Saturn collection and Rob’s been playing Shadow of Mordor.
And to top it all off, Rob tries to confound AC with the video game lore quiz “Is it Canon?”

Give us a listen! We promise you won’t be disappointed (after the drugs kick in!)

Game/Life Balance – Episode 1

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The two Australian dudes talking games (both old and new) are here for their first official episode!
This month our featured game is slightly odd M.C . Kids (McDonaldland) for the NES, Rob quizzes AC with “Simpsons or Sim City”, we’ve got some interesting news stories and the all the talk about games, life and the balance thereof!
Give us a listen! Don’t worry you’ll grow to love us.

Like Stockholm Syndrome!

Game/Life Balance – Episode 0

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Welcome to the pilot episode of Game/Life Balance! We’re 2 Australian guys who talk about their love of Video Games, both old and new!
This month our featured game is Streets and Rage for the Mega Drive/Genesis and Rob tests AC’s knowledge with “Heavy Metal Band or Video Game?”

This being the pilot, we’re working out some kinks, so if you enjoy our antiks at all please come back for more!