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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 31 – Thrust the wand, milk the cow

AC is back again from the land of the rising sun, just in time to record another episode of your least favourite podcast! So hop on board the hype train with us for what I like to call a “pity listen,” as we delve into the Nintendo Switch game that literally everyone is talking about! In our Balance segment Rob shares tales of his adventures in the Wasteland, while AC shares tales of his adventures in the exotic lands of the East. Plus there’s a poorly-constructed quiz and the usual constant homo-erotic sexual innuendo that you’ve all come to know and love. Fantastique!

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 30 – Stream of Nonsense #6 – Morlock Fan Art

Another of the Queen’s fortnights has come and gone, and because the number of this podcast is divisible by 5 it’s time once more to snuggle up with your hairy pals Rob and AC for another foray into the darkest recesses of the human mind that we like to call Stream of Nonsense! In this calamitous episode: AC has to travel to Japan AGAIN, and Rob quits social media and wonders whether in doing so he is a trailblazer or a luddite. Plus: guys need a lot of time on the toilet, red light districts are closer than you think, Rob has a time travelling time travel machine (for time travelling), AC ponders purchasing a Switch, and we wax poetical on the joys of 2D platformers.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 29 – Dear President Abe

This week the boys dived into the dumpster of video game history and came out with the Sega Saturn version of Street Fighter: The Movie. And by that we mean the game based on the movie based on another different game. Is your head hurting yet? Well it sure will be after listening to this podcast, wherein Rob shares his brilliant new strategy for getting PC games on the cheap, and wherein AC complains that there weren’t enough panty shots in Pretty Fighter X. Plus we play AC’s favourite quiz of all time ever which he loves more than his own family. I give this podcast 17 thumbs up!

The Game/Life Balance Australia theme was dreamed up by two dreamy boys from the United States, Me and My Shadow. Check out their other stuff at and

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 28 – The Parrot Sketch

Everyone seems to be talking about Zelda these days, and in this episode your high-larious hosts Rob and AC eagerly jump on that bandwagon like a couple of talentless hacks to discuss the Gameboy classic, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Plus Rob hasn’t been playing any games, and AC went to the movies. We also have a fun new quiz so that’s good isn’t it? And if you’re wondering why we’re late again this week, Rob just forgot to edit it. That’s right, he forgot that this podcast is a thing. Such a disappointment, that lad.

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Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 27 – More like BLUNDER Boy!

Better late than never! Unless, that is, you’re talking about the audio stylings of your superbest friends Rob and AC! This week the lads take a deep dive on the Sega arcade classic, Wonder Boy. Or as you rebellious Yankee separatists might call it, “Adventure Island.” So put on your grass skirt and safety helmet because the lads are ready to ride this skateboard of a podcast right off the nearest cliff! Also in this delightful episode, Rob discusses his recent time playing 2016’s Hitman, and voices his love for the series and his frustrations with the Spotted system. Plus AC has been staving off the madness that stems from the bachelor lifestyle by opening boxes full of old Japanese video games and pop culture tat that he took home from Japan. It’s nerderiffic!

The Game/Life Balance Australia theme was made by the super-creative smart cookies, Me and My Shadow. So if you want to make our day, go and check out all their other fine musical stuff at !!!

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 26 – Sexy Pandas

The lads had a fair bit to drink this week, but somehow it turned out the same as every other episode – so what does that tell you? Our featured game this week is the hilariously weird shooter Parodius! Plus we touch on a bunch of other topics, including: gaming energy, Rob’s wife’s gone back to school, Panda porn, the Potterverse, Rob’s dwindling interest in the Witcher 3, AC’s adventures in Doom 2016, and Coca Cola Kid. And then we wrap it up with a fun, super-easy quiz about shooters!

The Game/Life Balance Australia theme was made by the super-creative smart cookies, Me and My Shadow. So if you want to make our day, go and check out all their other fine musical stuff at !!!

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 25 – Stream of Nonsense 5 – Dig Dug’s baby mama

AC is back in the great, definitely-not-racist land of Australia, so over the Australia Day weekend we recorded almost 2 hours of magical nonsense for your enjoyment. So join us or die (seriously) as we discuss how long it’s been since we last recorded together, how animals make different sounds in Japan, how the Dreamcast is a terrible console, how Prince Phillip is an undead liche, how good Trine 2 is in co-op mode, how Rob feels about Final Fantasy games, and how completing games that you don’t like is probably a waste of time. Also in this marvellous episode, we get all philosophical about why we play games, AC describes life in rural Japan, Rob explores the cat/human relationship, and we discover the shocking truth that Dig Dug had sex with someone probably. Plus there’s a quiz about the Australian games industry (RIP) in honour of Australia Day and all that it stands for – convict labour, imperialism, racial discrimination and the Westminster system of government. Hurrah for Australia!

Intro/Outro music: Game/Life Balance Theme – Me and My Shadow

Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 24 – The Bart, The

AC is in Japan, so what does he do with all of his time in this land of fascinating culture? He watches old Simpsons episodes and plays video games inside of course! (Duh…)

This episode Andrew is joined by special guest Andrew..Lynch. That’s confusing, let’s call him by his nickname “L-chan”. He loves that. AC and L-chan talk about the newly released information on the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese Switch event, gambling fake money in Salty’s Dream Casino and why anyone would actually want to buy a Neo Geo AES console (Hint: I *REALLY* wanted one!)

This episode’s featured game is Worms WMD, an actual modern game (that plays like all the older Worms games, that’s a good thing. Trust me) and AC quizzes his guest co-host with “Was it a Console?”

Oh, and the Simpsons comes up a little bit. Seriously. That’s all we do.

We watch the Simpsons…

Game/Life Gaiden: AC plays the Famicom Classic Mini

T’was a dark and stormy night… AC was left all on his lonesome in Japan one evening, so he decided to record a Gaiden podcast!

Andrew is in Japan at the moment and managed to get his hands on a Famicom Classic Mini (The Japanese version of the Mini NES), join him as he goes through the library and gives his thoughts on the choice of individual games and the system as a whole!

Go on, give it a listen, it’s good for what ails you!


Game/Life Balance Australia – Episode 23 – Ringing in the New Balance… Year… Sneakers!

New Years Eve 2016 fireworks game life balance australia Game/Life Balance Australia video games

Well we made it to the end of 2016, and I’m sure nothing bad will happen in 2017 so we can all feel really relieved and happy, right? So why not join Rob and his lovely, long-suffering wife Meg as they celebrate the new year in style by drinking wine, nibbling hors d’oeuvres and reminiscing on the year that was. What could be more laid back than an Australian summer? Nothing! So we decided to follow suit and do a very laid back podcast for you. So there’s no format, just a married couple chatting for a little less than an hour about the Lego Harry Potter HD remaster for the Playstation 4, plus our personal highlights in 2016 and our plans for 2017. And because there’s no AC in this episode, it’s 25% less funny than normal but 2000% less insufferable, so it kind of balances out.

The Game/Life Balance theme was handcrafted from locally sourced ethically produced musical sounds by the extremely talented bespoke artisanal musicians, Me and My Shadow. Go check out their latest album on bandcamp ( It would make them happy boys.