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Our evil plans for 2016… and beyond!


Welcome traveler. Somehow you found your way to our humble website. For this, we are thankful. Take a mug of ale, sit by the fire and let me regale you with…

OK, I can’t keep this B-grade fantasy garbage up any longer. Welcome to Game/Life Balance Australia!

What the heck is Game/Life Balance Australia you ask? Well dummy we have an About page which can answer that question for you. You idiot!

This article won’t help explain the existence of our podcast, website, written content, videos, and other high-larious thigh slappingly funny content. Some may argue such an explanation is beyond the means of science, religion, or my own unique blend of the two that I like to call Religiology (which is definitely not a cult).

But it will give you an idea of our plans for content in the year ahead – so if you want to know what we’ve got in store, read on!


Episode 19 – A Very GLB Christmas

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They’re singing Deck the Halls, but it’s not like Christmas at all without your old mates Rob and AC! For this very special Christmas episode of Game/Life Balance, we’re bringing a great steaming pile of Christmas cheer to all the boys and girls around the world. Join us as we discuss the Christmas-themed games we’ve been playing, share some memories of video games we received for Christmas presents in ages past, and pick AC’s brain with a festive quiz about Christmas events in video games! Plus Rob shares his experiences as a parent, and AC reveals his first steps on the dark path of arcade cabinet restoration. God bless us, every one!
Christmas chiptunes are from Pixelmod Records’ “Merry Pixmas” album:
|Ave Maria – 8 Bit Weapon|
|We Wish You A Merry Christmas – motone|
|Frosty the Snowgram – Ouch Fire!|
|Winter Wonderland – Joedouken!|
|Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer – !D!|

Game/Life Balance Episode 18 – The Final Castle

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It’s the final episode of GLB, so equip your legendary armour set and get ready to fight God! As Rob prepares for fatherhood we send him off in style in this extra-long bumper edition, with a wide ranging discussion covering our fans’ Top 5 lists, AC favourite game of all time (I WONDER WHAT IT IS), JB Hifi’s love for Hideo Kojima, the demise of the Vita, why you definitely shouldn’t pirate the new Call of Duty:Black Ops, but why pirates and all piracy related things are really cool, Rob’s future gaming plans for when he finally gets his gaming PC (don’t hold your breath) and a whole lot of other malarkey. Plus a poignant quiz on video game endings to round it all out. Thanks to all our listeners, we don’t know why you keep downloading this trash but we’re thankful that someone does. God bless.

Game/Life Balance Episode 17 – The Grugcast

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Once upon a time, there were two idiots named Rob and AC who somehow could afford the bare minimum equipment to make a podcast. Join them as they talk inanely about Rob’s number 1 favourite game of all time, as well as how video game ESRB ratings are changing, how Metal Gear Solid V is the most realistic game about horses pooping and ballooning donkeys for science, and how games can cure brain injuries. Sounds like these two need to play a lot more games!

Game/Life Balance Episode 16 – Caveat YouTubor

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Now, it is beginning of a fantastic story! Let’s take a trip to the cave of YouTube payola. Also on this gruelling episode, we celebrate some birthdays, Rob explains why Metal Gear Solid V is the best Metal Gear Solid game, and AC explains why Mario Maker hurt his feelings. Plus AC reveals his 2nd favourite video game of all time!

Game Life Balance Episode 15 – Stream of Nonsense #3

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AC and Rob are joined this week by a very special guest host – none other than cricketing legend David Boon! This time around we thought we’d do something different for a change, and put aside our usual insightful commentary on the ethics of gaming and the crisis of modern man, and actually make this episode a real stream of nonsense. So join Boonie and the boys as they have a long, rambling, Tequila-fuelled discussion of such diverse topics as what Hyper magazine’s fan art section might look like today, Shane Warne’s artistic tastes, Rob’s flawless Obama impression, AC’s endless love of Mario 64, Seaquest DSV, and all sorts of other tripe.

Game/Life Balance Episode 14 – The Little Bookshop of Horrors

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On this rambunctious installment, we cover why Konami is a bad employer, even by Japanese standards, why 5 computer nerds became overnight millionaires, why bad things happen to good people, and why these podcast descriptions are slowly becoming more verbose and stupid than an episode of 60 Minutes. Also Rob discusses his 2nd favourite game of all time, Rome: Total War, AC makes numerous ill-considered references to the male anatomy, and we play an oh-so-fun quiz about an overdone trope. Game/Life Balance is wanted in 7 states for grand theft horse-oh. Shoot on sight.

Game/Life Balance Episode 13 – Ronald Rayben’s Exhumed Corpse

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It’s episode 13, so in honour of the scariest two-digit number we made this installment of Game/Life Balance our spookiest episode yet! In this spooktacular episode we have a terrorific talk about Tetris, AC’s 3rd favourite game of all time, mourn at the funeral of Windows solitaire, dance with glee on the graves of the baby boomer generation, and exorcise the ghost of good taste in honour of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Pokemon-themed concert tour. Finally we summon up the long-dead spirit of the 90s with a quiz about platformer mascots with attitude! It’s a spine-tingling good time! Skeletons!!!!!!

Game/Life Balance Episode 12 – The Animal Cruelty Special

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Two weeks have passed, the trauma has faded, and wounds have healed, so it’s time once more for your favourite audio travesty, Game/Life Balance! Join us as we mourn Iwata-san’s passing, mispronounce NASA, and discuss the increasingly off-putting trend of marketers targeting nerd nostalgia. Also in this episode, Rob shares his thoughts on his 3rd favourite game of all time, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. No baby seals were harmed in the making of this episode.

Game/Life Balance Episode 11 – Alcohol Makes Us Funnier

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We’re a little late with this episode, but only because we jam packed it to the gills with high-larious thigh slapping comedy! In this rambunctious episode we discuss the bottle cap economy, the correct pronunciation of NASA, the incorrect pronunciation of Moria, the terrifying realities of Greece’s new austerity measures, and the nightmarish future heralded by the Red Bull/Destiny cross marketing promotion. We also discuss our 4th favourite video games of all time, and delve into another devilishly delicious quiz. Also AC emotionally injures most of his few remaining friends because he’s a human monster, and Rob laughs because he’s even worse. Game/Life Balance – the podcast for terrible people.