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Game/Life Balance Episode 11 – Alcohol Makes Us Funnier

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We’re a little late with this episode, but only because we jam packed it to the gills with high-larious thigh slapping comedy! In this rambunctious episode we discuss the bottle cap economy, the correct pronunciation of NASA, the incorrect pronunciation of Moria, the terrifying realities of Greece’s new austerity measures, and the nightmarish future heralded by the Red Bull/Destiny cross marketing promotion. We also discuss our 4th favourite video games of all time, and delve into another devilishly delicious quiz. Also AC emotionally injures most of his few remaining friends because he’s a human monster, and Rob laughs because he’s even worse. Game/Life Balance – the podcast for terrible people.

Game Life Balance Episode 10 – Stream of Nonsense #2

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It’s Stream of Nonsense time again, so join AC and Rob as they ramble with no structure, theme or purpose on a wide range of topics! In the aftermath of E3 2015 we ruminate on the best and worst aspects of this spectacle of ill-considered marketing stunts, including the brilliance of Nintendo’s puppetry division, Jason Derulo’s jaw-dropping talent, Microsoft’s car-lowering showmanship, Sony’s fan-pandering treacle and Ubisoft’s … Ubisoft-ness. We also chat about how our loved ones view what we do, how AC’s wife is in a Splatoon clan, and how Rob’s wife beat 10,000,000 in 2 days (spoilers: she stopped sleeping and eating). Plus Rob is baffled at the inanity of modern boardgame culture in a devilishly devious quiz! Disclaimer: Game Life Balance is not a podcast and should not be listened to by human ears.

Game/Life Balance Episode 9: Ted Cruz Loves the Video’d Garmes

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It’s time to share our top 5 favourite games of all time, starting with number 5! Also in this riotous episode, Rob has big news and AC does his best to pretend to be surprised, plus we shoot the breeze on Konami’s good intentions, Ted Cruz’s addiction to video games, the Fallout 4 reveal, and the unlikelihood of Rob ever building his gaming PC. Warning: Game/Life Balance should not be taken orally.

Game/Life Balance Episode 8 – Harry Potters and the Infringement of Trademarks

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It’s Pac-Man’s 35th birthday, and to celebrate this milestone we’ve made our little yellow friend our featured game for the week. In this incredibly foul-mouthed episode we also applaud the return of the Nintendo World Championship, and discuss the legal battle between Rockstar and the BBC. We also conclusively prove once and for all that the Metal Gear games are stupid, and find out what AC bought on his recent trip to Japan (spoilers: a whole lot of crap).

Game/Life Balance – Episode 7: The Putin-cast

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In this episode (sponsored by British American Tobacco) Rob and AC shine a spotlight on the SNES classic Super Mario Kart, discuss the EFF/ESA legal battle, ruminate on why Vladimir Putin is Number One Great Guy, explain why Flicky is annoying, explain why Fantasy Zone is even more annoying, and celebrate AC conquering The Legend of Zelda. Also we play another game of Simpsons Or Simcity! Game/Life Balance: the 17th most popular video-game themed podcast in Russia for some reason.

Game/Life Balance – Episode 6

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AC is a little hyper this week as he and Rob talk about the dreaded unlicensed NES game: “Caltron 6 in 1”. We talk about the latest Nintendo news and future console and Rob tries to get back at AC with the popular “Is it Canon?” quiz!

Game/Life Balance Episode 5 – Stream of Nonsense!

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Since it’s our 5th (official) episode, we decided to try something a little different. In Stream of Nonsense, Rob and AC record their stream of consciousness. We talk about everything from different types of game difficulty, to why channel 10 used to play “Bird on a Wire” so damn much!
Funny this is, we aimed for wacky, and instead got serious, knowledgeable discussion. But don’t worry, if you’re not a fan we’ll be back to the old format next episode! Give it a listen, it’s better than 18th century scurvy!

Game/Life Balance – Episode 4

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Wooo! Awesome episode this week, our featured game is none other than Kirby’s Adventure for NES! We have some interesting news stories for you, catch up on Rob’s gaming and hear about the handheld collections AC has acquired for himself. And to top it off we revisit the classic quiz: Heavy Metal Band or Video Game. Only this time, it’s much harder for poor old AC.
So like the hordes of Zombies eating your brains, we ask you to join us. JOOOOIN US! It’s free!

Game/Life Balance – Episode 3

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This episode we actually choose a fantastic featured game; the original Metal Slug! After Rob and AC finish drooling over that, they talk news from GDC, Duck Tales and AC gets quizzed with “Phone Game or Phoney Game?” Give us a listen, it’s like crack for your ears! The first hit is free…

Game/Life Balance – Episode 2

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It’s a fantastic show this week, folks! (If we do say so ourselves…)
We go full Werewolf as we discuss our featured game ‘Altered Beast’, AC talks about his instant Sega Saturn collection and Rob’s been playing Shadow of Mordor.
And to top it all off, Rob tries to confound AC with the video game lore quiz “Is it Canon?”

Give us a listen! We promise you won’t be disappointed (after the drugs kick in!)